Dr. Willie Southall-El has done a vast amount of research on the wounders of Hyssop. The research is the result of thousands and thousands of testimonials from individuals improving their health in just 12 days. We have been on television, radio and lectures over the years. Sharing the wonders of hyssop is been astonishing because we have seen the wonders of the abilities that this herb has. The testimonials that people have shared with us are from HIV to Terminal cancer and they were pleased to finally found this wonderful Hyssop Extract that fully works.  

Dr. Willie Southall-El research  and teachings have been able to help people who suffer. People are able to enjoy their lives again. We help people become self empowered and take control of their lives. We change lives every single day by taking advantage of a magnificent powerful herb  Hyssop.



For it is said, "those who disobey the laws of Heaven and Earth have a life time of Calamites, while those who follow the Laws remain free from dangerous illness." Obedience towards the Laws of Heaven and Earth is what Dr. Morse Calls "Spiritual Alchemy," and is practiced in a modest and retiring way of life, in the avoidance of all excesses and being an example to other in one's true devotion.

If people pay attention to the five flavors and blend them well, their bones will remain straight, their muscles will remain tender and young, their breath and blood will circulate freely, the pores will be fine texture, and consequently their breath and bones will be filled with the essence of life.




This and more information on HYSSOP® can be found inside of award winning book, Hyssop Superior Healing Power.




These successful stories are endless, concerning numerous conditions from behavioral problems to fast relief from headaches (even migraines), common colds, flu, pneumonia, candida albicans, allergies, acne, circulation, arteriosclerosis, arthritis, teething pain, tumors, gout, gall and kidney stones, immune-system imbalance, rheumatism, diabetes, hepatitis, herpes, psoriasis, shingles, MS, PMS, prostate problems, vitality level, and other things I can't even begin to pronounce like fibromyalgia, neuro-fibroma-tosis, etc. The list is endless.

Is it possible that Biblical botany has more to teach us about the workings of our world than we may have ever before realized? Unequivocally, yes! Very important! Be sure to use the proper Hyssop Extract for this type of results!

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The most surprising thing about this ancient and futuristic miracle herb, Hyssop, is the speed at which it works. This herb is so powerful it has been used on the worst illnesses in history, yet so gentle it pampers the most delicate skin. According to biblical history, Hyssop served as a panacea for enlightened people for thousand of years.


Today, Hyssop has been rediscovered as an invaluable means of achieving optimum health very quickly. Over the past 15 years, more and more people have begun using Hyssop. This powerful herb was used by many of the heroes and leaders mentioned in the Bible. We have all read and heard many of these stories throughout our lives without ever being aware of the powerful role the beautiful Hyssop plant has played throughout history. Hyssop is indeed a 21st Century Herb.

Prevention Magazine, (200 Herbal Remedies), called Hyssop a "Potential Anti-AIDS Weapon" and recants how the biggest names in ancient medicine, Hippocrates and Galen, both used Hyssop against virus conditions. This is also reinforced by such highly-ranked institutions of higher learning as Cornell University, etc.

The National Examiner (2/11/97) told how Hyssop saved diabetics' legs. Hyssop is a proven painkiller according to the prophets.

The SUN tabloid states it was offered for easing Christ's pain while on the cross. Pliny the elder said it helped the mind. King Solomon spoke of it and was credited as being the wisest man who ever lived. Solomon also hinted that Hyssop was a Natural Viagra with all his wives concubines and the child by the Queen of Ethiopia. King David spoke of it as a cleansing herb, and Moses showed this herb is "The herb of protection" and "As long as we use it and eat as directed at the Passover no harm can come to you." He used it to clean and purify everything, even such serious illnesses as leprosy. The American Indians used it for edema or water problems. Even today most Temples encourage their followers to purge and clean themselves with Hyssop all over our world..(Psalms 51:7).


A young lady in OHIO with HIV positive went from 146,000 thousand viral count down to 62,000 thousand in a period of 20 Days. A second test was given due to the unbelievable results. The family said she stop having severe colds and flues and her appetite improved. 

A Los Angeles lady in lots of pain following the removal of a lump in her breast drank some Hyssop Extract and within 3 hours had relief from most of her pain. A very happy lady!

A Beverly Hills man who tested HIV-Positive had given up and gone home to die. As a last resort, he began drinking Hyssop. About a month later his doctors said: "A miracle has occurred; he is no longer HIV-Positive."

Three AIDS survivors' T-cell count went from as low as 139 to a high of 960 in the 12- day Hyssop plan.

A minister's wife in Oxnard, California suffered with Hepatitis "C" for two years. Also a diabetic, she had been ordered by her doctor to give herself insulin shots for several years. She wound up in the hospital with a blood sugar; eve of 895. After taking Hyssop Extract, her blood sugar went into the 80s (normal) within 12 days. Her doctor then told her: "You are the first patient I have ever seen who didn't need to take pills before getting insulin!"

A woman in Compton, California, reported that her sister had a transplanted kidney, which stopped functioning. Doctors said it was necessary to give her another kidney transplant. She had also lost her sight. After she started taking Hyssop, her kidney began functioning, her creatine level was lower than it had ever been, and even her vision came back.

A well-known cartoonist in Los Angeles lost his balance and fell getting out of bed one morning. Afterward, he found he had lost the use of the right side of his body. His wife called it a stroke and said: "He won't be going to a hospital because he could wind up crippled for life like other people have known who had strokes. "So she gave me him Hyssop, his doctor was unable to find them.

An 87-year old man in Houston, Texas, suffered a stroke and was hospitalized for two weeks, unable to walk or talk. His wife gave him Hyssop. The very next morning he was up and walking, even standing on his tiptoes.

A student of USC, suffered for more than 8 years with Fibromyalgia, even to the point of walking with a cane for a few years. After only 3 days on Hyssop Extract her symptom and pain were gone.

A San Francisco family gets a lot more of restful sleep now that their Mom & Dad took Hyssop Extract and their Snoring stopped.

A teenager who suffered from learning and behavioral problems was getting unsatisfactory grades in school. He is now a happy student who earns better grades, has no behavioral problems and no need for drugs, thanks to Hyssop and a better diet.

A Florida lady was suffering from a condition, which her doctor called neuropathy. She had multiple disorders, suffering from angina, arthritis, diabetic and edema as well. She was unable to do even the most minor chores. After a few months of using Hyssop, she is back to normal. She even bought a piano, and began playing a piano once again.

Since 1945 a pastor in Ohio was unable to do even simple household chores due to pain, arthritis, etc. A year taking very small amounts of hyssop, he is back to doing everything. He told me, "he poured 2 yards of concrete.

A young lady in Chicago was treated for MS for eight years; during that time she was in constant pain. After only three days on Hyssop, the pain was gone. She is now married and living an active, normal life free of pain.

In October of 1995, a lady named Alice in Flushing, New York sent me a note expanding my knowledge of MS Exacerbation, which is a worsening of the illness. After using Hyssop, she wrote that she had overcome Exacerbation within 3 or 4 days. Normally, the Exacerbation might require a hospital stay of 1 to 3 months.

A young lady in Hollywood, California, suffered from herpes for about 20 years. She started using Hyssop extract and after about one week, the condition cleared up. And she said, "My female problems are much improved, also."

A young man, also from Hollywood, battled with a cancerous condition for more than six years. He had severe headaches from a growth on the side of his head. Within a few weeks of using Hyssop, his headaches were gone and he is quickly returning to a normal life style. Thanks to Hyssop!

Another lady fell, broke her pelvic bone and took only Hyssop for the pain. She said it was successful in eliminating her pain without drugs.